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I am a Computer Science Engineer working as a Sales Manager for an IT Company in India. I took up reading as an excuse to avoid exchanging pleasentries with house vistors and shirk the drudgeries of running errands at home. I am happy to note that I have achieved decent amount of success in both these objectives, in the process reading up a fair amount of stuff on Military History, and a wee bit of Exploration for added variety.

Stories of Conquests excite me and I have rather seriously followed the actions of Alexander, Ceaser, Napoleon, Hitler et al. (Not necessarily subscribing to their repsective views on world domination though).

An ardent believer in the dictum "Those who do not learn from History will repeat it" I keenly follow the "Cause and Effect" percpective of Historic events more than the "Place and Time" (partly explaining why I never won any quiz competitions ever in my life)

I tend to forget more than I absorb, which brings me back to the net for a quick refresher every once in a while. See you around then !