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Cost (disambiguation)

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Cost is the value of money that has been used to produce something and is therefore no longer available.

Cost may also refer to:


  • Economic cost, an overview of cost in the field of economics
    • Opportunity cost, the cost of something measured by the inability to spend the money elsewhere
    • Historical cost, also known as accounting cost, the original value of an economic item
    • Variable cost, costs of doing business that increase or decrease with the amount of revenue, such as labor and fuel
    • Fixed cost, costs of doing business that do not change, such as rent and administration
    • Total cost, fixed plus variable cost
    • Average cost, the total cost of production divided by the number of items produced
    • Marginal cost, the decrease in costs resulting from producing more items
    • Cost curve, a graph of the cost of production as a function of the number of items produced

Other uses[edit]