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Division of Gippsland

Coordinates: 37°35′02″S 147°46′01″E / 37.584°S 147.767°E / -37.584; 147.767
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Australian House of Representatives Division
Division of Gippsland in Victoria, as of the 2022 federal election
MPDarren Chester
Electors114,568 (2022)
Area33,131 km2 (12,792.0 sq mi)
The Avon River located within Gippsland. The division takes its name from the region the river is located in.

The Division of Gippsland is an Australian electoral division in the state of Victoria. The division was proclaimed in 1900, and was one of the original 65 divisions to be contested at the first federal election. It is named for the Gippsland region of eastern Victoria, which in turn is named for Sir George Gipps, Governor of New South Wales 1838–1846. It includes the towns of Bairnsdale, Morwell, Sale and Traralgon.


Since 1984, federal electoral division boundaries in Australia have been determined at redistributions by a redistribution committee appointed by the Australian Electoral Commission. Redistributions occur for the boundaries of divisions in a particular state, and they occur every seven years, or sooner if a state's representation entitlement changes or when divisions of a state are malapportioned.[1]


It is one of two original divisions in Victoria to have never elected a Labor-endorsed member, the other being Kooyong. It has been held by the National Party and its predecessor, the Country Party, since 1922: it is the only seat the party has held continuously since its creation. On its new boundaries, however, it takes in most of the industrial Latrobe Valley.

Prominent former members include Allan McLean, a former Premier of Victoria who served as a minister under George Reid; and Peter Nixon, a senior minister in the Coalition governments from Harold Holt to Malcolm Fraser.

Then-sitting MP Peter McGauran announced his resignation in April 2008, sparking a June 2008 by-election, with the three major parties all contesting the election. The Nationals retained the seat on an increased margin, electing Darren Chester.


Image Member Party Term Notes
  Allan McLean
Protectionist 29 March 1901
12 December 1906
Previously held the Victorian Legislative Assembly seat of Gippsland North. Served as minister under Reid. Lost seat
  George Wise
12 December 1906
26 May 1909
Lost seat
  Independent Liberal 26 May 1909 –
31 May 1913
  James Bennett
Liberal 31 May 1913
5 September 1914
Lost seat
  George Wise
Independent Labor 5 September 1914
22 February 1917
Served as minister under Hughes. Lost seat
  Nationalist 22 February 1917 –
16 December 1922
  Thomas Paterson
Country 16 December 1922
7 July 1943
Served as minister under Bruce and Lyons. Retired
  George Bowden
21 August 1943
2 November 1961
  Peter Nixon
9 December 1961
2 May 1975
Served as minister under Holt, McEwen, Gorton, McMahon and Fraser. Retired
  National Country 2 May 1975 –
16 October 1982
  Nationals 16 October 1982 –
4 February 1983
  Peter McGauran
5 March 1983
9 April 2008
Served as minister under Howard. Resigned to retire from politics
  Darren Chester
28 June 2008
Served as minister under Turnbull and Morrison. Incumbent

Election results[edit]

2022 Australian federal election: Gippsland[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
National Darren Chester 54,635 54.14 +0.14
Labor Jannette Langley 19,404 19.23 −3.97
One Nation Greg Hansford 9,443 9.36 +9.36
Greens Marjorie Thorpe 8,545 8.47 +2.43
United Australia Gregory Forster 4,593 4.55 +0.15
Liberal Democrats Jim McDonald 4,286 4.25 +4.25
Total formal votes 100,906 97.04 +2.26
Informal votes 3,073 2.96 −2.26
Turnout 103,979 90.89 −1.49
Two-party-preferred result
National Darren Chester 71,205 70.57 +3.90
Labor Jannette Langley 29,701 29.43 −3.90
National hold Swing +3.90


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