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Gisle Hannemyr

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Gisle Hannemyr

Gisle Hannemyr (born 3 July 1953) is a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo.

Professional background[edit]

In 1991, he was co-founder of the first commercial internet service provider in Norway, Oslonett, which later, being acquired by Schibsted, became Schibsted Nett (SN), and Scandinavia Online (Sol). He later co-founded other Internet-related businesses.[example needed]

Through books, articles and regular columns in the press, Hannemyr has been active in describing and explaining not only the Internet, but also hacker culture[1] to the public. In the public eye, he is regarded as Norway's foremost net guru and evangelist,[2] and is the primary spokesperson for free software, free media formats and open net usage in Norwegian media.[3]

In 2002, Hannemyr was awarded the Norwegian Computer Society's Rosing Honorary Prize, and in 2003, a vote among the Norwegian members of First Tuesday (an association of entrepreneurs and investors) declared him Internet personality of the decade.[citation needed]


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